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Since its inception in 2003, our team has developed the website into a significant resource which now benefits teachers and students in over 500 schools around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We save you time by creating quality resources for the music classroom. Our site is logically presented with simple navigation; enabling students to easily explore concepts, aural skills, instruments, music of different styles or composing projects.

The simplicity of generic logins provides unlimited teacher and student access. Combine generic logins with unique logins at no additional cost for monitoring and exporting student results of the many eQuizzes on the site.

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Whether you’re studying Western art, contemporary or world music our resources won’t leave anyone behind. From sonata form to electronic dance music or the music of the Balinese gamelan, our resources are designed to support all your students whatever they are studying.

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Video demonstrations and tutorials, sound recordings, scores, interactive score players, photos and text combine to enhance student learning.

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Whether you prefer print worksheets or online eQuizzes we have you covered.

Download theory or analysis worksheets, aural skills templates or choose from hundreds of eQuiz questions for your students to complete online – it’s your choice.

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Free resources vary in quality, are often written for a different audience, are inconsistent in style and can be inaccurate.

Our resources are of the highest quality and are created by experienced teachers. Key terms are hyperlinked to definitions and the different sections of the site are designed to complement each other.

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Use the e-lr website to instantly support your students and teachers in any of these challenging learning environments: the flipped classroom, gifted and talented extension, student remediation, staff absence, self-directed learning, student illness, teaching off-line.


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