The integration of technology in teaching evolved and grew rapidly during the 1990s.  Computers and software became more powerful and many teachers developed internet-based resources for their classrooms.  The power of the internet as a teaching tool was immediately obvious, however teachers struggled then, as they do now, to find time to develop resources. In 2003 we decided to create a website of resources dedicated to secondary classroom music teachers and students.  Beginning with aural skills, we moved on to the elements of music which became the foundation of the site.

e-lr continued to grow organically and now supports teaching and learning in over 500 schools across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.  Many schools that subscribed in the early days of 2004 are still with us today. We are extremely proud of the array of resources e-lr offers teachers and students. The content of the site has been influenced by feedback from subscribers, our knowledge of curriculum design and our experience in the music classroom. We hope our website saves you many hours of work and provides an immediate benefit to your students!


  • Miranda Myers
    Miranda Myers Director

    M Ed, B Creative Arts (Music), Grad Dip Ed

    Miranda began her music teaching career in 1982. Her interest in the use of technology in teaching dates back to 1989 when she was successful in applying for one of Queensland’s first grants to establish an Electronic Learning Centre for music. She has been an Arts Head of Department, participated in syllabus writing, District Review Panel Chair for Music, State Panel member for Music, and Lead Confirmer for Music.

  • Allan Melville
    Allan Melville Director

    BA, Grad Dip Ed, ATCL

    Allan has been a music educator for over 30 years in New South Wales and Queensland. Along with teaching, his experience includes composing, arranging, and performing in rock and jazz genres. As a teacher, Allan incorporated technology into the music classroom and his creative approach was the focus of demonstrations to music teachers, university students, politicians and international educators. Since 2003 he has pioneered the development of e-lr, demonstrating the site to teachers and presenting at conferences.