Here is a summary of links to resources on Western art music on e-lr. Click on a link which interests you and use your name and password to log into the website when prompted.

In the Western art music folder located on the main menu on the left-hand side, there are resources on the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods. For each period there are pages on the arts and social history of each period, philosophy, key differences to the preceding period, instruments, instrumental and vocal forms as well as the use of musical elements of the period. There is also a page on the arts history of Western Europe from the late 1880s to 1914.

The Elements section underpins our resources for students of Western art music. With extensive and detailed information which includes text, photos, sound recordings and scores, students can refer to sections on Duration (Rhythm), Dynamics and expressive devices, Pitch, Structure, Texture and Timbre/Tone colour.

The Analysis section supports students who may be analysing music. There are analysis summaries for junior and senior students, analysis comparisons for senior and junior students as well as specialist Western art music comparisons.

In the Instruments & Voices section there are many pages devoted to Western art music, beginning with the categories of Western instruments and voice types and ranges. There is comprehensive information on ordering and scoring instruments and voices and transposing instruments. The Western instrument section includes video tutorials and extensive information including text, photos, sound recordings and scores for the most widely-used orchestral instruments.

The Composing & Improvising section includes projects in Western art music such as Composing for Strings with Stephen Chin, Composing using Impressionist techniques with Nicole Murphy and Composing for Voice with Harley Mead.

The Aural skills section provides students with activities for a Western art music focus. There is also are a variety of eQuizzes which enable students to test their knowledge in different areas as well as a growing number of Custom eQuizzes. Both styles of eQuiz are found towards the bottom of the left-hand main menu. We also offer print worksheets in the Pitch and Duration sections in Elements.