Texture in Western art music
This page traces the evolving use of texture by composers of Western art music from the Middle Ages through to the Twentieth century.

If your students are studying texture or the Western art music periods, here is a great overview.  The information is supported by links to many pages which are relevant to texture; such as monophony, homophony, polyphony and counterpoint.


Texture in contemporary music from the 1950s
Changes in sound recording technology have influenced the texture of recorded contemporary music from the 1950s.

Read about early rock ‘n’ roll recordings and follow the development of multi-track tape recorders. See how bands such as the Beatles used studio recording techniques and how the introduction of advanced recording technology impacted on the texture of contemporary music.

This page suits students of contemporary music who may be studying texture or students interested in the history of recording.

Kate Miller-Heidke