Here is a list of links to analysis resources on e-lr. Click on a link which interests you and use your name and password to log into the website when prompted.

The Elements section is designed to support music analysis. Within this section, there is information on Duration (rhythm), Dynamics and expressive devices, Pitch, Structure, Texture and Timbre/Tone colour.

The Analysis section is devoted to music analysis. In this section there are Junior and Senior analysis summaries which are able to be viewed or downloaded in PDF or Word format.

Our Junior and Senior analysis comparisons are also downloadable in PDF or Word format and are designed for students to compare or contrast musical examples. There are also specialist comparisons designed for world, Western art, and contemporary music.

We are also developing an elements-based analysis resource which begins with Timbre.

Many of our worksheets are concerned with analysis; such as those for the section on Kate Miller-Heidke.