Here is a list of links to jazz resources on e-lr. Click on a link which interests you and use your name and password to log into the website when prompted.

Composing for jazz double bass Jazz bassist Helen Russell explores writing bass parts in a swing, Lain or ballad style.

Composing the blues. Composing project 1 is to compose a 12 bar blues for piano while Composing project 2 is for piano, bass, drums and alto sax.

Improvising the blues builds on the composing project and comes complete with mp3 backing tracks.

Jazz theory basics Video tutorials on jazz theory.

Jazz theory worksheets Seven jazz theory worksheets for students to complete.

Seventh chords and other added notes Information and examples of seventh, ninth and thirteenth chords.

Harmony worksheet 11 and worksheet 12 on writing and recognising seventh chords.

Blues scales, modes, jazz minor and transposing modes Information found in Elements/Pitch/Scales and arpeggios.

Pitch worksheets on writing blues scales and transposing modes.

Chord voicings Close, open, tertial, quartal, quintal, block and parallel voicings.

The trumpet,  performance styles and techniques,  mutes  and brass articulation and performance techniques.

Contemporary vocal techniques introduction and vocal techniques used in jazz.

Custom eQuizzes: Located towards the bottom of the main menu, left-hand side.

Custom eQuizzes – Visual scale recognition: Visually recognising all scales, modes and blues scales

Custom eQuizzes – Aural scale recognition: Aurally recognising all scales, modes and blues scales

Custom eQuizzes – Tonality recognition (coming T2, 2018)