Here is a summary of links to resources on contemporary music on e-lr. Click on a link which interests you and use your name and password to log into the website when prompted.

There is a folder for Contemporary music in the left-hand main menu. Within this folder is information on rock music history which is divided in to the decades 1950 – 1959, 1960 – 1970, 1971 – 1980 and 1981 – 1990In the folders for each of these decades are resources on popular musical styles, as well as a biography of a band or performer in each style and a listening outline for a song. There is also an index of songs used in the section.

The section on the blues covers blues history from emerging styles through to blues rock of the 1960s. This section is intended to support the blues composing projects found in the Composing & Improvising section.

The section on film scoring history looks at the silent era of films through to the Golden Years of Hollywood. This section is intended as background information for the composing project led by Jan Preston found in the Composing & Improvising section.

There is also a section Electronic Dance Music (EDM) techniques which illustrates many techniques commonly used in EDM.

In the Instruments & Voices section there are resources on contemporary vocal techniques, the solid body electric bass guitar and electric guitar. Also in this section are demonstrations of electric guitar effects. There is a section on the drum kit which includes video tutorials on how to play the rock and swing beats as well as a section on electronic instruments.

The Elements section also contains extensive resources on contemporary music. In Texture, for example, there are pages on double tracking, overdubbing, vocal harmonies, delay and texture in contemporary music since the 1950s.

There are Composing & Improvising projects in a range of contemporary styles; including Composing for Voice with Kate Miller-Heidke, the Didge dubstep fusion composition and Composing the Blues.

Lastly, there are specialist comparisons for use with contemporary music in the Analysis section as well as a range of eQuizzes on different topics.