Here is a summary of links to resources on Australian Aboriginal music on e-lr. Click on a link which interests you and use your name and password to log into the website when prompted.

Instruments of Australian Aboriginal music. Located in the Instruments & Voices section, these resources feature Australian musician David Hudson. Designed for students of all year levels, the section begins with an Introduction to the Didgeridoo followed by two valuable pages on Performance techniques of the didgeridoo. David then looks at how the didgeridoo is used in contemporary music. David also looks at the tap and clap sticks and there are worksheets for students and two eQuizzes.

In the Composing & Improvising section, we look at Composing for the didgeridoo. After looking a David’s composer profile, we are guided through two of his compositions. The first, Yigi Yigi, is a composition for didgeridoo in a traditional style while the second, Primavera Dreaming uses more contemporary instrumentation. There are a series of worksheets for students on these two compositions.

The Didge dubstep fusion composition uses some samples of David Hudson’s didgeridoo playing however they are electronically processed and used to create a dubstep composition. There are two projects: one for junior students and a more advanced project for senior students. Students can also download the processed sound files for their own composition.

Finally, there is the composition Living With Shadows by Harley Mead which describes issues of the Stolen Generation. There is a composer profile of Harley, a detailed description of his composing process as well as a section on the direction and recording of the song by the Birralee Blokes conducted by Paul Holley.